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Welcome to Internet Success located in Boise, Idaho. Small business freelance Website Designer, Julie Walton has been doing business as Internet Success since 1998.

Since I have moved toward semi-retirement, my focus has changed. I am working primarily with existing clients. I am currently working on a redesign of my website to focus on being a website of internet and design information.

Build Your Brand Online With a Website and Social Networking

Technology is ever-changing and people are utilizing the internet to search for all their needs. Your online presence ten years ago is no longer up to date.

Standards and best practices of web design continue to improve.  It is a good idea to review and update your website to enhance your search engine optimization and audience appeal, including social networking tools.

We all know YouTube is very popular, but why should you use it for your business? It is quite simple to create short videos of information, educating your customer about your products and services. Your videos will be searchable on search engines and can be embedded into your website and blog content. When a search brings up a list of possible resources and you see one is a video, you will be more likely to view the video.

Videos and webinars on Google's business solutions. Learn about online advertising and Google's other business products.

Network Solutions answers the question “Should I Use Facebook for My Business?”  They say there is no hard and fast answer as to whether a business should be on Facebook.  They suggest you consider the time it will take to use Facebook as a marketing platform, adding fresh content and monitoring the discussion.  Many consider Facebook a good marketing tool which can go hand in hand with Twitter.

Twitter is being used by businesses across the globe.  It is a valuable tool to find out what’s going on in your industry.  Use Twitter to raise the profile of your company.  Use Twitter to provide customer service, develop a good reputation for a business with good customer support. Read about the building blocks of Twitter and business basics.

Pinterest - Why Businesses should use Pinterest. Keeping up with the latest developments in marketing for your small business means staying up-to-date on the world of social media, including Pinterest according Forbes - Read the article.

Create a WordPress Blog, add content to your website. How can you make your business unique?  Write about your business and explain why you are the one to come to for expert information.  Build your website content by adding a blog.  The more pages and posts you have on your website and blog, the more google will love you. 

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How to Use Pinterest for Business

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