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We have had a blog for dogs for a few years now, and we thought it was time to get even more serious by creating a first-rate web site for dogs and their owners.  Our objective is to direct dog friendly people to our Dog Blog: A Dog’s Eye View, and also share useful pet resources and links to other exceptional web sites and blogs for dogs and their families.

As a web site designer and owner of Internet Success, my vision is to make this web site a success for you, our readers. So, as the title says, we want to make our web site the Best Dog Blog we can create. We welcome suggestions, if you have a link we should consider, please let us know. We invite your feedback and thanks for joining us on our quest to be the Best Dog Blog around for you and your hound.

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Puppycide Documentary Seeks to End National Tragedy

Hollywood, CA—Every 98 minutes a dog is shot by law enforcement. A new documentary from Ozymandias Media seeks to end this tragedy by bringing national attention to the issue.


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