My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.  ~ Author Unknown


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Website Designer and devoted dog parent, Julie Walton, lives in Boise, Idaho USA along with husband, Murry, and best friend and canine contributor, Maggie. A loyal member of our family, Border Collie/Heeler Maggie is a rescue shelter dog who was actually trained by prison inmates. Read her adoption story here.

Murry, Julie and Dog MaggieDogs have always been an important member of our family.

Growing up as children, my husband and I both remember fondly the family pets that left warm and fuzzy paw prints on our hearts.

We have found that the best way we can be excellent pet parents is to share our home and be a pack leader to one dog at a time. We do find ourselves watching the local humane society adoption television programs, imagining what it would be like to add one or more of those adorable dogs to our family. Maggie's ears perk up and her head tilts sideways when she sees a cute dog in need of a family. So if you find your inner pack leader tugging at your heart strings recognizing you have what it takes to be a good pet parent, check out your local animal rescue shelter. You can even do a search online using Petfinder. That's how we found Maggie by searching our location and her breed.

The is our way of connecting to the rest of the dogs in the world. It is our hope that our readers will find our pet friendly website and blog, Our DogBlog: A Dog's Eye View, of value and enjoy our views of all things dogs and our suggestions for blogs and sites of interest to dog enthusiasts worldwide.

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