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It is very important for your canine companion to have a job. That job will depend on his/her breed. In addition to the responsibility of working, your pet needs to relax and have fun.

Maggie's favorite toy - floppy discHow does your pet have fun? Maggie loves to play with her toys. When we buy her a new toy she is so excited and races through the house squeeking her new plaything and loves to play outside with her outdoor toys. One of her favorite toys is a soft bite floppy disc. She is so proud, and I think she knows the dog with the most toys wins!

This year we are going to learn some dog agility and will pass on our experience with our visitors.



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Three Gifts for You and Your Dog
Guest Post by: Adam Riemer

One of the most fun things parents of pets can do is go shopping for their pets for gifts.  Not only are you buying them a toy they will love, but it also means you get a new toy as well.  Whether it is a laser pointer that will make them run around and try to catch the dot or a tennis ball on a rope so you can play tug of war and fetch at the same time, here are 3 cool gifts you may not have thought of for you and your pet. 

1.  Fuzzy Animal Slippers

Although it might seem weird that you would buy slippers and that is a gift for your pet, what I like to do is combine them to not only have fun with your dog, but also give them something to cuddle with, play with and chase after you with.  The slippers that look like animals feet like bear and dog paws or even cow hooves can be fun for you to wear and will definitely get your puppy confused.  Because you get a pair of cool slippers so you can join them in the paw world, they can also get a pair of bunny slippers or a matching chew toy so you can have matching toys and slipper and both be happy with your new gift.  The cow hoof slippers are perfect if you buy him a hoof chew toy and the fuzzy paw slippers are perfect so he just gives you a weird look and chases your feet every once in a while. 

2.  Flying Remote Control Animals

One of the more popular gifts this past holiday season was the inflatable sharks and animals that move through the air by propeller safely through your house or apartment.  Dogs love to chase these and look at them and people love to play with them.  This toy is a win win for everyone since you get to have fun flying it and your dog gets to practice their balance, focus and even get some exercise while chasing the animal floating through the air.  Just be careful you don’t let the balloon part pop or it may scare your dog and even worse, he may try to chew on the mylar balloon. 

3.  Bark Bars

Sometimes you just need to break your diet and that means you may want to give your best friend a break too.  Bark Bars are dog treats that look and are wrapped just like candy bars.  Not only can you justify breaking your diet with a candy bar or junk food, but your best friend will love getting to have a day off their diet too while cuddling and watching tv with you and enjoying a bark bar. 

It’s always fun to go out and play with your pet, but sometimes you want a toy that both you and them can enjoy without having to go to a park, worry about things getting broken in your house or just to relax with.  Although you should never take exercising out of their lives (unless your vet tells you too or not too) sometimes toys for home can be good if you need a break from running and playing.  These are three awesome gifts that both you and your dog can enjoy together. 


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